Do you want to be creative with your manicure? You can customize your SelfGel and LongWear Nail Polish with ProNails StampingKits.

How to use the StampingKit? What is the purpose of the ProNails Cuticle Shield? Discover the practical tutorial and easily create simple and unique nails. You can apply nail art on SelfGel and LongWear nail polish. Learn how to apply LongWear in 3 steps.  ASTUCE: Use the LongWear on the StampingKit. It's easier to do.

Assortment of NailArt

Ready to start with NailArt? ProNails has a collection of essential elements of NailArt at Di.

Discover the other tutorials

How to apply the SelfGel? See the practical tutorials here. We have videos that help you prepare your nails, apply SelfGel and remove your color. Good luck!