Are you dreaming of a perfect manicure? Do you love colour but are you also able to ruin your beautiful nail polish within a couple of hours?

You are ready for SelfGel by ProNails. A gel polish you can easily apply at home. Treat yourself to 10 days of perfectly polished nails. Pretty Easy.

SelfGel is voted Product Of The Year 2019. Discover all about it.

Advantages SelfGel

  • perfectly polished nails, up to 10 days
  • you don't need to dry your nail polish. Curing happens in the LED-lamp. And you're ready to go.
  • beautiful and shiny nails
  • easy to remove
  • no damage to your own nails

Start to SelfGel

Ready to start with SelfGel? This is what you need:

  • StarterKit
  • LED-lamp
  • SelfGel Colours

In your StarterKit you'll find everything you need for the perfectly polished look. With the LED-lamp (purchased separately) you'll be able to cure your SelfGel for the ultimate perfection.
Ready for a new colour after 10 days? In the StarterKit you'll find all the tools you need to remove your SelfGel. Have fun!

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